Keep it safe with your miter saw

We all know how a miter saw is able to take your boat building skills to the next level, but in order to handle-miter-saw-securelyget there you need to learn how to properly and safely use it all the time.

As a miter saw is made with a large spinning blade that helps you get clean, precise cuts, it’s only obvious you need to pay attention when handling it. The cuts can be done at 45 degree angles or less, very fast.

Apart from the personal safety gear for your eyes and ears, there are also some steps to follow when using the miter saw.

You shouldn’t wear loose fitting clothes that can get caught in the miter saw. The miter saw needs a clean working space as last thing you’d want is a something to bump into when using it. Check out this miter saw selection if you want to be up to date with the latest models.

The major rules

It’s very wise not to wear any gloves, jewelry or any dangling objects when using your miter saw. As eye and ear protection relate to common sense, we’re not going to talk about it.

Take a look and double check to see if all guards are in place when operating the miter saw. All guards should work as fast as usual and shouldn’t hang up. If this isn’t the case for any of guards, don’t postpone it and fix it right the way.

If you start repairing or adjusting any of the blades or guards, keep in mind to always unplug or lockout power to your miter saw.

Even though it might be hard for some to estimate, keep your hands and fingers clear of the blade by at least 6 in. This applies especially if you’re new to using the miter saw and…it’s up to how good you get in operating the miter saw to shorten this safety distance. But, accidents happen no matter how great you are… so keep it safe.

You can’t safely use your miter saw if it’s not nice and clear, so you should clean the lower guard pretty often to be able to see better and move faster when using the miter saw.

No matter how tempted you might get, it’s always safe to use only the recommended blade size on your miter saw. Check as often as you can the tightness on the blade, but also the blade-attachment mechanism.

And now that we talk about the blade, make sure that the blade and the related washers and fasteners are position right and also secured on the saw’s arbor.

You get to find out on yourself in time or you could do it wisely from the very beginning, but you get better control on the blade if you hold or clamp all material securely against the fence when cutting.

Even though you think it’s safe and it doesn’t matter much, stay away from operating freehand the miter saw and from cutting small pieces just as well.

When you cut a long material, it’s safer to support it at the same height as the saw table.

Try to stay away from the coasting blade and never ever go near the cutting area until the blade has fully stopped.

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Once you care done with a cut, you should release the trigger switch and let the blade to come to a complete stop. Raise the blade from your work piece. Some accidents happen when the moving blade remains in the cutting area after the cutting is complete.

If you use a sliding miter saw, you should start the cutting with the closest blade. Go downward and push the blade forward afterwards on its sliders as you continue cutting.

The most important tip

Practice makes perfect and the more you use your miter saw, the better you get. No matter how experienced you get though, you should never go over the major safety rules as nothing can protect you from some chips or from a blunt blade.